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Services and Rates

All prices subject to HST

Group walks

15 mins 

4+ a week $19

< 4  a week $21

30 mins 

< 4 a week $23

4+ a week $21

1 hour 

4+ a week $24

< 4 a week $26

Additional dog in same household 20% off

Group walks are the perfect opportunity for your pup to make new dog friends! All groups are carefully matched for all members' comfort and enjoyment. No more then 5 dogs are walked at once.

 Walks are structured and focused on the dogs interactions, promoting good behaviour and always keeping dogs mentally engaged with loose leash/ behaviour training or basic obedience check ins. I strive to build listening skills and a close bond with every pack member. Your regular walking routine and rules will be followed as close as possible, using my own treats or ones provided if your pup has any allergies. Whether your goal for these walks is socializing, tiring your dog out, simply a bathroom break or something more unique, let me know and I will personalize the experience for those needs. Each walk  is GPS tracked, will include a water break, a wipe down if needed and be followed up with a picture and report on the fun had. I can also give medications (not injectables) or feed at the end of a walk. 

Private walks

15 mins

4+ a week $26

< 4 a week $28

 30 mins

4+ a week $28

< 4 a week $30

Not all dogs  are able to or desire to walk with other dogs.  I am experienced in walking dog aggressive dogs and other kinds of reactive/anxious dogs as well as pups that need sling support, have bandages/casts or who are immobile but want to be trollied out for fresh air.


In the case of reactive dogs, I am happy to integrate positive reinforcement and behaviour modification training to help them become more comfortable with their triggers. 

1 hour 

4+ a week $44

< 4 a week $46

Puppy Visits

Once a day

< 4 a week $32

4+ a week $30

Twice a day

4+ a week $53

< 4 a week $57

Puppy visits can be life saving for a hard working dog parent and even an essential tool for a puppy's training, socialization, and over all growth. 

Each visit is personalized for your specific situation with a water/feeding, clean up, play and a bathroom break, integrating basic obedience and loose leash skills along the way. Your personal rules and cue words will be stuck to as closely as possible. 

Puppy Visits are great stepping stone to joining group walks in the future. Dog Friends will work together with puppy parents to met personal goals and small achievements will always be celebrated! 

Weekend/Evening Walks or Puppy Visits

$5 additional to regular rates

Dog Friends strives to meet the needs clients who fall outside of the usual 9-5 work day. 

Cat Visits 

Once a day

<7  days $25

 7+ days $23

Twice a day

<7  days $45

 7+ days $43

Cat visits last a half an hour and will include feeding, litter cleaning, giving medication (non-injectable) and play/grooming time. I can also provide additional help such as mail collection, plant watering and so on. Any special things your cat might need or enjoy, I’m ready to provide! If your cat has made a mess or thrown up a hairball, I’ll clean that right up for you. Each visit will include a picture and written update on the fun we had!

$5 additional/ day for over 2 cats

Home Style Boarding 

One dog 

<7  days $65

 7+ days $60

Additional dog

<7  days $52

 7+ days $48

$35 for half day (picked up after noon)

Pick up/ Drop off $20 each

Boarding dogs spend their time in my wonderful one bedroom apartment that many dog friends have loved and returned to again and again. I live between two great dog parks (Wychwood Barns and Cedarvale) as well as a lovely ravine and calm residential streets. All dogs will have to be friendly and respectful with my cat, Turkey and my dog Max. I board up to 2 dogs at a time and have had visitors that have ranged from a day to a month.

For my boarding services you can expect 3 to 4 quality walks a day and lots of attention. You can look forward to daily updates and picture check ins. Dogs can be allowed to free roam, be up on the couch/bed, go off leash at a dog park or be crated when left alone as according to their usual rules and I stick to their usual schedule as much as possible. 

For energetic/social dogs, their days could be spent joining compatible pack walks while mature/ lower energy dogs can spend their day napping with their new friend Turkey. 

The lines I draw are barking issues, history of destructiveness, prey drive towards my cat and resource guarding.

Stat holidays

Dog Friends is available for holiday care! Services booked on stat holidays subjected to a 50% surcharge

How to Book a Service

First thing's first, message Dog Friends about your inquiry by phone, email or the easy contact box at the bottom on the page! Include what service you're interested in, the time and dates, where you're located as well as your pet's info (their care, quirks, medical issues etc) You'll get a reply in 12 hours or less!

Next, we'll set up a free consult. This is the time to ask questions to make sure Dog Friends meets your standards and I can learn the details of your pet's care. Boarding dogs will get the chance to be introduced to my apartment, my dog Max and Turkey the cat! If keys need to be exchanged or you'd like to tag along for a test dog walk, this is a perfect opportunity!


If we're the right fit for each other, the next step is setting up you and your pet on our  Time To Pet booking app.  Set up is easy, simply follow the link you'll be emailed--sign our online agreement, fill out your profile and finalize the booking. Now you'll be able to book future services in a moment's convenience!



Now the best part!

Your cat or dog will be cared for by a professional while you get to enjoy all the fun service feedback and pictures sent instantly through the Time to Pet app. 

Meet and Greet


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